Wendi gets bit by an ex-boyfriend, Dan can't stop talking about his new favorite show, and they both taste test some new items.

Dan and Wendi chat about Michael Jackson, the Lion's Den, and do another M&M's taste-test.

Wendi laughs like a horse, which is apparently a real saying that people use. She also talks about flipping her scooter, more adventures at the gynecologist, and being one of the foremost experts in the world at handling poles.

Dan and Wendi sit down with the messiah in this episode. It's a short interview, but they continue to talk about haunted houses, Netflix, and vagina spiders.

Dan tried to get to Wendi's house, but it just didn't happen. Hear all about that, the Umbrella Academy, and send some feedback on a couple different topics this week.

IrishIWasLaughing@gmail.com - Just in case you didn't know...

Dan the Prophet gives you a warning this week. He also talks up the YMCA, explains fighting ostriches, and tells why your kids should play sports.

Dan is flying solo and talking about the second half of the Bahamas cruise, coyotes, and polar vortexes.

Dan and Wendi talk about their cruise to the Bahamas and everything that happened leading up to it.

Dan and Wendi discuss their upcoming trip, Wendi's exhibitionism, and earning your red wings. 

Wendi tells Dan about losing her favorite stuffed animal and Dan talks about one of his least favorite animals. They also revisit the debate of whether to call people dwarfs, midgets, or little people.

Dan and Wendi are headed to the Bahamas. The trip planning starts here and luckily, Wendi is special needs AF. Hear all about their ship, having a tough ass, and being super moist.

December 26, 2018

Episode 154: Happy Kwanzaa

Happy Kwanzaa from Irish I Was Laughing Radio! Here's a special taste test of the new Sour Patch Kids cereal with most of Dan's kids.

Dan sends prayers out for Wendi this week, just because she's doing good things. She explains the different types of intelligence and they decide to write a new television series. All this while opening Wendi's latest Ipsy delivery.

This week, Dan recaps the shows he talked about last week, plus one little detail he failed to mention on the last episode. He talks about Elf on the Shelf and tells Wendi about a cop petting his coat and fighting with his kids. Plus a call-in guest who did not appreciate being recorded.

Dan and Wendi are going hard from the get-go this week. Wendi's doctor tells her to masturbate more and how to find her g-spot. Then she regales us all with tales of walking in on her parents having sex.

Dan and Wendi made it to 150! They celebrate this milestone by doing absolutely nothing out of the ordinary, including even mentioning the fact. They do talk about cooking a turkey in a toaster oven, getting your neck broken by God, and the lettuce people pissing off the Illuminati. 

Part 2 of this week's podcast picks up where Dan and Wendi left off. More talk about comedy and Wendi's gas, and a pesky gymnastics nazi. 

Dan and Wendi missed doing the podcast so much last week that they went twice as long this week and broke it up in two episodes. So this this is part one of a double feature of Midget Radio for the week. Wendi talks about having gas, needing Gary's help to get on the toilet, and her freaky-ass feet. Then she judges Dan for doing freaky things with his feet.

This week, Dan and Wendi talk about sexing a fish, sleep paralysis, and fucking with a handicapped raccoon.

It's an extra episode this week, inspired by last week's discussion about Edgar Allen Poe. It's the Irish I Was Laughing Radio version of "The Raven".

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